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We at Burute Dental Clinic have a strict hygiene protocol in his clinic for maintaining an infection free environment. Way before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, we were extremely particular in following international sterilization and hygiene protocols. More so, our new clinic has been systematically planned by Dr. Rajendra Burute himself with extreme care taken at every step to give maximum possible protection and promote patient, doctor and staff safety.

  • Micro Mist Fogger releases disinfectant sub-micron droplets in air causing complete aerial sterlisation.

  • recommended for sterlisation of operatories & clinics.

  • Patented Technology

  • Negative ions envelops indoor virus, bacteria, fungal infections and renders them inactive

  • Increases overall immunity and resistance to infections for next 30 days

  • Our autoclave ensures complete sterlisation of all equipment that is used for patients.

  • Foot operated sanitiser dispensor to ensure complete hand sterlisation

  • Touchless UV thermometer to detect body temperature

  • Pulsox to detect pulse & oxygen saturation to identify initial signs of infection.

  • Complete personal protection equipments for all doctors and  staff to avoid any cross contamination between patients, doctors and staff.