Dental Bridge in Pune

  • A dental implant is the most advanced technology to replace missing teeth.

  • Burute Dental Clinic offers the Best Latest Technology for Dental Bridge treatment in Pune,India and upto 25 Years warranty

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What is Dental Bridge ?

Dental Bridge is done to replace a missing tooth by capping adjacent tooth and joining them with new tooth

How is dental Bridge made ?

Step 1 - The teeth arround the new teeth are checked for strength ( to determine if they can take load of new bridge )

Step 2 - The teeth arround the new teeth are shaped in a way that new bridge fits on them 

Step 3 - Missing teeth is replaced in bridge.


What is required before dental bridge?

  • Thorough check-up of missing teeth area by a Crown & Bridge Specialist

  • Xray of the teeth arround to check their strength ,so that we can understand if they can take load of bridge.


Advantage of dental bridge

  1. Dental Bridge does not require any surgery like dental implant

  2. A dental bridge is fitted within 2 to 3 days (treatment time = 2-3 days)

  3. Visit to Dentist is 2-3 times only 

  4. Cost is very less compared to implants

  5. Anxious patients find it very comfortable than dental implant surgery


How Material of dental bridge decides life of teeth ?

  • A dental bridge requires support from nearby teeth 

  • The health of nearby teeth decides the life of dental bridge

  • The dentist shapes the nearby teeth so that dental bridge fits on them 

  • The shape of the teeth is recorded by dentist and sent to dental laboratory to make a bridge

  • the better the fitting of the bridge made by laboratory = better the life of bridge

  • at laboratory the bridge is made by casting technology OR machine milling (CAD-CAM) technology

  • With Machine milling the fitting is best possible 

  • Hence materials which can be machine milled are best suited for dental bridge

  • Such Materials are Zirconium OR cobalt-chromium OR Peek

Precautions after dental bridge

1. Regular cleaning of teeth and interdental brushing

2. Timely check-up with dentist to keep tab on teeth under the bridge


Dental Bridge at Burute Dental

  • Dental Bridge if done properly can survive for very long time .

  • We have patients who have healthy dental bridge surviving over 20 years 

  • We have kept our-selves updated with latest technology required for dental bridge 

  • For achieving best fitting we record the teeth in mouth with 3D digital scanner .Watch video

  • Also we have incorporated Machine milling leading to flawless products 

  • Currently we offer high strength and light weight bridge materials which are proven and used world-wide

  • We also offer No-Cost-Replacement with our dental bridge.


Cost of dental Bridge in Pune

We offer Dental Bridge from as low as Rs.6000/-

Check prices table here

Why Choose Burute dental clinic for dental Bridge in Pune?

>High Surgical Experience and skill

>Hundreds of Successful cases and happy patients

>Super clean and Equipped operatory

>Management of Anxious Patients

>Special Designated Manager for your Case

>Minimum Visits with PAINLESS - FAST - LONG LASTING Treatments

>Lifetime Support

>Safe Treatments with high hygiene care see more


> Easy E.M.I Payment Option​

> Clean Restrooms

> Recovery room for Post-Surgery rest

> Pick-up and Drop facility from home

> In Clinic Blood Investigation facility

> In Clinic CBCT Scan facility

> Multiple mode of Payment - Cheque | Cash | Card | UPI | EMI | Financing

> Online Consultation for Follow-up and Post surgery support



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Dr. Rajendra Burute

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Dr. Madhura Burute

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Patients Rating

Good staff and very good service given . My appointment time was maintained . Cbct scan was taken in 5 minutes and scan cd was given immediately . Definitely recommend

I had my dental implant 3D scan done here .the scan was very good quality in colour and overall staff discipline , hygiene and clinic is very impressive. Will recommend my friends and family to Burute Dental Implants center

Fast and good quality cbct scan . Got cd immediately.

I got Good Quality CBCT scan with detailed report , the report quality was best in pune as compared previous report I had done .I will definitely recommend CBCT scan center of Pimpri-Chinchwad by Burute dental to all

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